How to Choose the Right Apps for Your Children  

32If you have bought a smartphone or tablet for your children, you may be wondering what apps will be best to install. When it comes to kids apps, you don’t have many options to consider. Majority of kids apps fall into three categories:


o             Those that are meant purely for fun

o             Those meant to be educational

o             Those that are a hybrid of educational and fun


The apps you install for your preschool children can have a tremendous impact on their development or social and intellectual skills. It is advisable to install educational apps, like animal puzzles, that will make the kids curios to ask questions and in the process learn. A good app should be education and fun to learn. If an app is boring, kids will not be interested in checking it out. However, since you are the one installing the app, you should research to get the best ones for your children.


There are a number of free apps for children you can install. Most of the free apps have a paid upgrade that comes with more features. However, if you are just starting to introduce your kids to apps, the free versions will work fine.


After installing an app, open and explore it to know what your kid will be exposed to. While you want to help the child learn, don’t forget to protect them from content that can be disturbing to their minds. For example, you don’t want to install an app that encourages resolving of disagreements through conflicts. On the same note, any apps that have obscene content or language should not be installed for the children.


How to Find Good Free Preschool Apps


There are a number of ways you can find good apps for children. One of the ways is to search online for the top apps for children. Most of the apps you will come across will be paid. However, there are a few high quality free apps you can download. Read reviews of different children apps to know what to expect of them.


Another tip is to ask friends with small children to recommend the apps they are allowing their child to access. Related articles pertaining to this are provided by the site at If the parents are fine with the app, you can be sure it is good. However, it does not hurt to take the app for a spin and experience for yourself what your child will experience.


Finding a good app for kids is not easy. However, with extensive research, you will find a few apps that will be perfect for learning and entertainment.

Using Preschool Educational Apps for Child Enrichment

28The key to a great education life is to get your child started on the right track. This can start by you, as a parent, working with them using free educational apps for android. These are the tools that you can download and use at any time, whether you are online or offline. This is why you want to check out educational games for android and see which ones catch your little one’s attention. Not only are they going to learn, but they are going to have fun at the same time. If the app maker created a series of apps, then they might enjoy the other versions also.


Activities like animal puzzles might have animal sounds associated with each piece, so they can start to identify various animals right away. Perhaps a Little Clever coloring app will have verbal cues for the colors, so they can start to identify their primary colors before their first official day of school. You’d be surprised at the plentiful selection of number games where students can learn from 1-10 and even higher. Many of these have links online where your child can play on a full website also, instead of just the app screen.


One thing to keep in mind when you’re looking at free educational games for android is that there might be a free trial if it’s a paid app, or they have opportunities to spend real money during game play or app learning. If this is the case, then you want to block those chances and make sure your account is protected. Without being fully aware of what’s involved, you could find out that your free app ends up costing you much more over time.


In terms of enriching your child’s life, this is an excellent place to begin because you can gauge the time they are spending and decide what is working best for them. Relevant details regarding this are displayed at If they are not responding to one type of game play, you can try another until you find something that works for their specific tastes. It will be something that you can enjoy with them and follow along as they learn, rather than just watch their progress as they come home from school each day. Take the time to make some memories with your little one, teach them some basic skills at the same time and use free apps for children to accomplish all of this.

Find the Best Apps for Your Preschool Kids

33Finding good smartphone or tablet apps for preschool kids is not easy. Yes, there are many apps that are designed for children. However, the apps are either too boring or don’t add any value to the children. The last thing you want is your child knowing how to “moo” like a cow but not have any arithmetic skills.


But when it comes to learning, you don’t want a boring app that your child will never get used to. Children learn best when education is combined with fun. Therefore, you need to find an app at that has both of these attributes. Below are two tips that will help you find good preschool apps:


Try an App


Before you let your child play with an app, try it and see whether it will be helpful. For example, find out what a game is really trying to teach the kid. You don’t want a game that work simply like a flash card delivered online. For instance, an app can teach your child how to sing the ABCs song. However, does your child understand how the sounds relate to the letters? If the app is not made to impart learning skills, the child may just end up singing without really getting the intended benefit of the app.


A good app at should also inspire the child to explore more, solve problems and apply knowledge in different ways. You don’t want an app that simply makes the child cram answers to questions without being able to apply the knowledge gained.


When choosing an app, keep in mind your child’s learning style. Some children respond well to immersive storylines while others prefer hands on involvement in a lesson. Most of the time, the real learning will come after the children have finished playing. That is when they can ask questions on things related to the game or app that got them curious.


Have fun


If developed with the child’s needs into consideration, educations apps work well. Studies have shown that children who play an app for a week improve their ability to understand fractions and other math problems.


For free preschool apps to be effective, they should also be fun. If an app is boring, kids will not use the. This is why creating an education app for kids is such a challenging task. Read further data about this when you surf over to the site at Learning is not fun for kids and for an education app to be effective, it has to incorporate the fun in learning.