How to Choose the Right Apps for Your Children  

32If you have bought a smartphone or tablet for your children, you may be wondering what apps will be best to install. When it comes to kids apps, you don’t have many options to consider. Majority of kids apps fall into three categories:


o             Those that are meant purely for fun

o             Those meant to be educational

o             Those that are a hybrid of educational and fun


The apps you install for your preschool children can have a tremendous impact on their development or social and intellectual skills. It is advisable to install educational apps, like animal puzzles, that will make the kids curios to ask questions and in the process learn. A good app should be education and fun to learn. If an app is boring, kids will not be interested in checking it out. However, since you are the one installing the app, you should research to get the best ones for your children.


There are a number of free apps for children you can install. Most of the free apps have a paid upgrade that comes with more features. However, if you are just starting to introduce your kids to apps, the free versions will work fine.


After installing an app, open and explore it to know what your kid will be exposed to. While you want to help the child learn, don’t forget to protect them from content that can be disturbing to their minds. For example, you don’t want to install an app that encourages resolving of disagreements through conflicts. On the same note, any apps that have obscene content or language should not be installed for the children.


How to Find Good Free Preschool Apps


There are a number of ways you can find good apps for children. One of the ways is to search online for the top apps for children. Most of the apps you will come across will be paid. However, there are a few high quality free apps you can download. Read reviews of different children apps to know what to expect of them.


Another tip is to ask friends with small children to recommend the apps they are allowing their child to access. Related articles pertaining to this are provided by the site at If the parents are fine with the app, you can be sure it is good. However, it does not hurt to take the app for a spin and experience for yourself what your child will experience.


Finding a good app for kids is not easy. However, with extensive research, you will find a few apps that will be perfect for learning and entertainment.

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